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PostSubject: \RULES FILE\   Thu May 28, 2009 4:56 pm


The following rules are in place to maintain an open, friendly and organised atmosphere on the forums, and so if you plan on becoming a part of this community it’s important that you do your best to follow them.

The Rules

* No spamming*
A post falls into the category of “spam” when it adds nothing to the topic in question, contains few or no words, or is generally of no interest to anyone. The forums are primarily a place of discussion rather than idle chat, so make sure that your posts are worthwhile. Never double-post (post two or more replies in a row) unless you have no choice – use the edit button if you need to add something.

* No flaming*
A comment is classed as flaming when it insults or is designed to otherwise offend another member. If you strongly disapprove of someone or disagree with their opinion, either express it maturely without name-calling, or keep it to yourself.

* No indecent content*
Posting unsuitable images, writing or links to such material is prohibited. As a general rule, anything that isn't work-safe should not be posted.

* Exercise good grammar and post etiquette*
This is a discussion forum, not a chat room, so please make an effort with your posts. If a reply is rendered almost impossible to read because of poor punctuation, spelling and all-round messy typing, then it's no better than spam, even if you might have something worthwhile to say. The forum has a built-in spellchecker which you can activate before submitting a post, so don't hesitate to use it.

* No advertising*
Members that join up solely to advertise will be banned and have any links removed from their posts. If you’re a part of the community, however, you’re allowed to include links in your signature and promote your site.

Exploiting the private messaging system for advertising purposes will also earn an instant ban, and so members are encouraged to report any such PMs they receive to an administrator.

* Plagiarism is forbidden*
Any member who attempts to take credit for someone else's work, be it art, writing or graphics, will be punished with a two-week ban. Plagiarism is unacceptable in the real world and will not be tolerated here. When posting artwork it's also advised that you don't "forget" to mention that some or all of the picture may have been copied or traced.

* One account only*
There can only be one account per user. If you want a different username, you can get it changed ask the admin. If you register a new account while banned from the forums, you’ll be blocked.

Don't break the rules or you die.

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